Cables magazine is an annual magazine based in Asturias, north Spain.

“Cables magazine is about unique yarns, beautiful projects and talented designers. But it’s more than that, it is also a open window to inspiration, to everyday enjoyment, and to environmental consciousness. It’s about a more tangible reality instead of a virtual world. Finding and creating beauty, but what’s more important: enjoying it. – Even if it means a nice coffee drink with a beautiful skein and a new project cast on, a weekend getaway, or the perfect recipe to gather with your loved ones. Always with a generous heart and a kind spirit.”

Even though we’re living a sweet moment at the knitting scene in our country, we’re missing some sort of reference point that truly represents us and cares about the topics we’re interested in. We run from sectarianism and noise around us, just to celebrate the things we love. We overcome the obstacles and embrace many different voices to make room for all kind of content with just one condition: impeccable aesthetics.